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Cotonxtreme Will I Am 13 months old 💙💙

The Coton De Tulear is a small dog from Madagascar and is named from the city of Tulear. They are very beautiful dogs inside and out. They are known for their clown like and playful temperament. They are very affectionate and intelligent dogs and like nothing more than to please their master. Cotons are full of tricks and are known for walking on their hind legs. They are great companion or lap dogs and do not need a large amount of exercise. Cotons are known to be good with children and other animals. They are especially known for their cotton like coat which needs daily grooming to remove matted hair. You can leave their hair long or cut. Either way they look beautiful. Cotons are a non-shedding breed and have no doggy odour. They are hypoallergenic and have a life span of 14-16 years. You can see the breed standard on the kennel club website.